Reddit Fashion Reps How to Find the Item I Want on Tao Bao?

Reddit Fashion Reps How to Find the Item I Want on Tao Bao?

Similarly, How do I view items on Taobao?

You may travel to the product main category page by clicking on the category name on the index page. b.) Go to the product listing page by scrolling down the page and clicking on a selected product category link.

Also, it is asked, How do you search on Reddit Taobao?

There is no reverse image search function on the desktop Taobao site’s first page. To begin, put anything into the search field and press enter. A camera icon will show on the right end of the searchbar once your search results have loaded.

Secondly, How can I open Taobao account without phone number?

Purchasing a virtual phone number for a Taobao account without a phone number Go to’s home page. Fill up just four lines to register. Make a deposit in the “Payment” section. Back on the main page, click the huge circular “Select an application” button. In the search bar, type “Taobao” and choose this service.

Also, How do I search on Taobao App?

Looking for crucial phrases When you initially start the Taobao app, you’ll see an orange bar on the first screen where you may write: To view the results, key in the name of the product you’re interested in and hit the search bar.

People also ask, How can I search Taobao in English?

Go to the Taobao website and download and install Google Chrome (if you haven’t already). After you’ve chosen your category, right-click anywhere on the page and choose “translate to English.” Alternatively, you may just click on this symbol in the Google Chrome URL bar.

Related Questions and Answers

Does weidian ship to Singapore?

Weidian USA items may now be delivered to Singapore for a ridiculously cheap price.

Weidian presently lacks a reverse image search function. The app’s camera feature, dubbed “reverse image search” by some, can only be used to scan barcodes, and the odds of finding anything are slim.

How do I sell on weidian?

The biggest benefit of Weidian is that it is completely free to use. Weidian Managers App is the first step. Step 2: Selecting a Weidian store. Linking your bank account to Weidian is the third step. Step 4: Create a design for your Weidian store. Step 5: Adding a Product to Your Store Step 6: Prepare to sell.

How do I order from Wegobuy?

Fill up the form for Shopping Agent. Order Fill out the order form and submit it. Pay for the merchandise as well as the cost of domestic delivery. Wait for your order to be delivered to the warehouse.

Can I register Taobao with email?

*Tip: Taobao no longer permits users to register using their email addresses due to regulation.

Use Taobao to log in. (If you are a current Taobao user, you should go here to register.) Select “Log in with Taobao” from the drop-down menu. Put your phone number, SMS verification code, and payment password in the fields provided. Registration has completed successfully.

Is Taobao safe to use?

When purchasing from Taobao, buyers are almost risk-free. The language barrier is the most challenging aspect of utilizing Taobao for overseas customers. Taobao’s interface is solely in Chinese. Many individuals choose to buy from China using Taobao agents.

Can Taobao be in English?

Step 3: Using English to search on Taobao Type what you’re looking for into the search field; you may use English, but translating into Chinese (simplified) first will give you more alternatives.

Can Taobao ship to USA?

For the time being, Taobao only allows one shipping method to the United States, which is consolidated air shipment. The cost of shipping is determined on the item’s weight.

How do I create a Taobao account?

How to Create a Taobao AccountTaobao may be downloaded from the app store or accessed online. Once Taobao has been downloaded, go to the bottom right corner and select “” (lit. My Taobao).Select “” (lit. Free registration) at the bottom.Enter your phone number. Make sure your phone number is valid.

How can a foreigner create a Taobao account?

Step-by-step instructions for building a Taobao account. Step 1: Select English in the upper right-hand corner of the Taobao Registration Page. Step 2: Click the orange button after entering your Chinese cellphone number and the verification code that displays. Step 3: Create a Taobao account with a username and password.

How do I unfreeze my 1688 account?

A: Call the 1688 customer care line at +86 4008001688. Customer service should be informed of the issue, and an account appeal should be filed. Re-register a 1688 account as a second option.

How do I search by image on Ezbuy?

#2 – Use a photo search to find products. To begin, click on the square icon. Then, at the top of the screen, click the third button. After that, you may start snapping photos of the thing you want to look for, and will look for comparable goods and present them alongside the search results.

Does Taobao sell fake stuff?

For years, Alibaba Group’s Taobao platform, which dominates China’s online retail sector, has been on the list for selling counterfeit goods such as watches, handbags, and other items.

Is Taobao Japanese?

Taobao (Chinese: ) is an online retail site in China. Alibaba owns the company, which is based in Hangzhou. In 2021, it is the ninth most-visited website in the world, according to Alexa.

What does Taobao mean in English?

Taobao (), which means “finding treasure” in Chinese, is a consumer-to-consumer (C2C) and business-to-consumer (B2C) e-commerce marketplace founded by Alibaba Group in 2003 that allows individuals and small businesses to sell their items online via their own websites.

Is Taobao cheaper than AliExpress?

AliExpress has far cheaper costs and, by default, offers shipping to any nation, while Taobao exclusively offers delivery inside China.

Is Taobao cheaper than Shopee?

However, Taobao is no longer the cheapest option. In reality, Shopee is less expensive for many goods, particularly if you just need one or two pieces.


The “wegobuy” is a tool that allows you to search for items on Tao Bao. It also includes the price and availability of each item.

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Tao Bao is a Chinese online shopping website that allows users to purchase products from multiple vendors. Tao Bao has been known for its fashion and beauty items, but it is also widely used by consumers in other countries. This article will teach you how to find the item you want on Tao Bao. Reference: taobao shopee.

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