What Is Fashion in Sanskrit?

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Similarly, How do you say clothes in Sanskrit?

Sanskrit translations of the wordclothes

Also, it is asked, What is design called in Sanskrit?

Dzan in IPA In Sanskrit, “practice.”

Secondly, What is elegant called in Sanskrit?


Also, What is beautiful called in Sanskrit?

Sanskrit:, IPA: byutfl

People also ask, What is unique called in Sanskrit?

Dogri. – – – Special.

Related Questions and Answers

What is creativity called in Sanskrit?

Sanskrit words: Prabh, Prabh, Creativity NirmaAktinirmAaktinirmANazakticreativitysRjanAnew creativity

What is Sanskrit word for art?

Sanskrit:, IPA: rt

What is art in Sanskrit?

Kal is the Sanskrit word meaning performing art.

What is luxury in Sanskrit?

Your outcomes for luxury are:

What is the Sanskrit word for Inspire?

Sanskrit: /IPA: nspar

What is pure called in Sanskrit?

Etymology. Adapted from Sanskrit (pura).

What is cosmetic called in Sanskrit?

The author is BhaagyasaGkShaya (bhaagyasaGkShaya) crystallize — (crystall-)

What is cute called in Sanskrit?

The AkarSaka

How do you say glow in Sanskrit?


What is hope called in Sanskrit?

Pratidhi or Apêksh, both from the Sanskrit language, are terms used to describe hope in ancient Hindu literature.

What is the Sanskrit word for unity?

Aikyam (Sanskrit: ) signifies identity, sameness, or identicality, as well as oneness, harmony, and unanimity.

What is imagination called in Sanskrit?

Vikalpa, a chance picture or dream; kalpana, a purposeful mental invention; pratibha, an unplanned visionary insight; and bhavana, yogic meditation and visioning, are the four Sanskrit synonyms for imagination.

What is success called in Sanskrit?

English Sanskrit Dictionary |

What is Meraki?

doing work with heart, inventiveness, and love Meraki, a Greek verb and adverb, really relates to a similar concept. Greeks use the word “meraki” to describe situations in which someone has really invested themselves in something.

What is handmade called in Sanskrit?

Id: haendmed Sanskrit: / /

What is artist in Sanskrit?

A craftsperson is a: q. v. II ARTIST q. v. citrakara is a painter.

What is the Sanskrit word for joy?

In Sanskrit and Pali, the word “sukha” (Sanskrit: ) denotes joy, ecstasy, ease, and happiness. In the early scriptures, “sukha” is used to contrast “preya,” which refers to a fleeting pleasure. In contrast, “sukha” refers to a genuine sense of permanent contentment inside a being.

What are the synonyms for creative?

synonyms for “creativeincludetalented,” “intelligent,” “innovative,” “original,” “productive,” and “prolific.”

What is soul called in Sanskrit?

Tman, frequently written as atman in academic writing, refers to a person’s “true Self,” or “innermost nature.” Although it is sometimes translated as “soul,” “self” is a preferable translation.

What is the Sanskrit word for divine?

You got the following results for “divine“: n. AdikraNa. dikra.

What is the Sanskrit word for life?


How do you say lovely in Sanskrit?

Sanskrit definitions of the wordlovely


The “style in sanskrit” is a word that means fashion or style. It has been used to describe the clothing, ornamentation, and hairstyles of people from different cultures. The “sanskrit” is an ancient language that was spoken by many of the ancient Indian kings.

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